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Maria is a Cincinnati-based illustrator, printmaker, and graphic designer that graduated with a BFA in Design and a Minor in Print Media from the Art Academy of Cincinnati in 2019. Her work centers around gothic, horror, and occult inspirations and draws heavily from natural, religious, and folklore imagery. You will find witches and demons skulking through thick foliage and dark clouds among her works. Explore satanic rituals and natural plant magic, but don't forget to stop by the movie rental store to stock up on your favorite pop culture binges.

Here, you will find giclee and fine art prints alike and a variety of commercial design and illustration work. Maria primarily works with black line and ink textures, creating depth and movement with simple strokes and hatches. She is adept in various printmaking methods, including intaglio, relief, letterpress, and lithography. Her work is dark and esoteric, and her commercial work draws from a variety of retro designs, concepts, shapes, and colors. 

Sit for a spell, and be welcome. 

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